Aug. 7th, 2007

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Yay! Here she is guys, in all her beat-up glory. Isn't she beautiful? *admires*

Riviera )

Obviously the cockpit is at the top. Ian sits behind the curved consoles on a raised dais, Ray V's seat is the one right at the front. There's a ladder that runs the length of the ship, connecting the levels. Below the cockpit you can see the recreation room. That's where the crew hang out, out of sight there's a kitchen area and a gym area with rowing machines/treadmills set on the sloping part. There's also the hatch through to the engine room which is at the back, Frannie has to run up and down ladders to get to everything.

The next layer down is the cabins. One each for the crew, one bathroom facility type thing, one holding cell, one for storage and one that acts as a docking hatch. Underneath the cabin layer is where the landing struts are kept. There's an airtight hatch between those two layers because that section is not pressurised. At the back of that section is a bay where various things are kept (strapped down of course) including the triker vehicle. The only way for a member of the crew to get something from there while in flight is to go in in a pressure suit.

And that's the ship, home to the Rays, Frannie and Ian. Lived in, not always loved, often creaky but willing - that's Riviera.


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